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{ nothing's | like | before }

A CSI: Miami/CSI: NY AU Series

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Nothing's Like Before

Welcome. This AU follows a group of couples throughout quite a few years. As it is an AU, some things that would normally not be allowed to happen in reality happen in this series. It's one of my favorite series that I have ever written, and it's gotten so large that I felt is was time to give it it's own community. The main couples I write for this series are:

• Danny Messer/Christina Jensen (OC)
• Ryan Wolfe/Lindsay Monroe
• Don Flack, Jr./Susan Romero (OC)
• Marty Pino/Rachel Wilkerson (OC)
• Garrett Masterson (OC)/Kaile Maka
• Sheldon Hawkes/Stella Bonasera

Other couples are mentioned in the series that involve OCs that belong to iluvroadrunner6. They are:

• John Benson/Susan Romero
• Garrett Masterson/Chelsea Carlton
• Jake McCallahan/Rachel Wilkerson
• Robert Pino/Lizzie Anderson

Two close friendship that are mentioned is that between William Glenn and Eva Patterson, and Rachel Wilkerson and Michael Anderson (another of iluvroadrunner6's OCs).

OC Bios: Christina // Susan // Rachel // Garrett // Rebecca // Robert // Others

Nothing's Like Before Pairing Generator

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