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Meme (please read before you read my csi_bigbang fic)

Okay, so "Murder, Stage Left" (my csi_bigbang fic) will be posted here beginning Sunday evening. I will most likely post one part that evening, and then one each morning and afternoon/evening until all six parts are up so that I don't overwhelm all of you. As a favor to me, I would appreciate it if you do not leave your comments about it to the CSI Big Bang website and wait to leave them here on each post. If you feel you must, though, then I guess I can't stop you.

Anyway, this is a meme I did a while ago which is pretty appropriate for right now. Most of my OCs have at least a small part in it, with Susan, Garrett and Rachel having the largest parts, so this is kind of an update on where their lives are around the time this fic starts. Also, John and Anderson (Susan's ex and Rachel's best friend, both of whom belong to iluvroadrunner6) are in the fic, in case you were wondering. I'm just not including them in this meme because, you know, they're not mine. And if you feel like reposting this, I'd love to see who you choose and what they answer iluvroadrunner6, maybe this will bring your muse back?).

Just a note: pretend this interview happened the day before the fic starts.

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

How old are you?
Susan - In my early-ish thirties.
Garrett - Thirty-six.
Rachel - I don't want to say. Best you're getting is early thirties. Younger than thirty-three. Ask Anderson, because I think he just had a birthday and he's two years older than me.
Susan - Anderson's not here.
Rachel - I know. I'm sneaky like that.
Rebecca - I just turned forty.
Rachel - You really don't look it.
Rebecca - Thank you.
Christina - I'm close to Susan. Maybe a few months younger.

What's your height?
Susan - Five foot eleven.
Garrett - Six foot three.
Rachel - Five foot nine.
Rebecca - Five foot ten, give or take a half inch.
Christina - Five foot nine.

Are you a virgin?
Susan - Nope. Haven't been since high school.
Garrett - Considering I slept with my fiancee before we technically started dating, the answer would be no.
Rachel - Ha! Ha ha ha! ::bowls over with laughter::
Rebecca - No, I am not.
Christina - I have kids. What do you think?

Who's your mate/spouse?
Susan - I am dating Don Flack, Jr. For the third time.
Rachel - They say third time's the charm.
Susan - Here's hoping.
Garrett - I am engaged to Kaile Maka.
Rachel - I'm married to Marty Pino.
Rebecca - I'm not in a relationship right now.
Christina - I'm married to Danny Messer.

Do you have any kids?
Susan - Nope.
Garrett - Kaile's pregnant right now, about six months along. It's going to be a boy.
Susan - Really? How awesome.
Rachel - Got a name yet?
Garrett - We're naming him after my grandfather, Walter. Not sure if he's getting my last name or hers, though. Probably mine.
Rachel - I have Robert. Who is the coolest kid on Earth, even if I didn't give birth to him.
Rebecca - I never had any children with my husband, so...no.
Christina - I have twins, Daniel Jr. and Aiden.

What's your favorite food?
Susan - My chicken and cheese enchiladas. There's a reason that was the first thing I really learned how to cook.
Garrett - I love the Korean food that Kaile's mother makes. Even when it's not always 100% authentic.
Rachel - Italian food from Mario's, especially if it's the special pasta dish he makes for me.
Rebecca - Deep dish Chicago pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese.
Christina - Susan's enchiladas. I was her most frequent test subject growing up, so I gre to love them.

What's your favourite ice cream flavor?
Susan - Chunky Monkey from Ben & Jerry's.
Garrett - Whatever Maka happens to have around these days. I'm not picky, but she's leaning towards chocolate based ones these days, and I'm remembering why I like rocky road so much.
Rachel - You know, I love strawberry cheescake like nobody's business.
Rebecca - Vanilla bean. Sometimes with hot fudge, but usually with just a little whipped cream.
Christina - I've gotten kind of sick of ice cream lately. I mean, I don't even remember what my favorite is.

Have you killed anyone?
Susan - No.
Garrett - No.
Rachel - Almost. It was really close. A few more inches and...
Rebecca - Almost, but it was a car accident when I fell asleep at the wheel. Thankfully, she's okay now.
Christina - No, thankfully. But I get the feeling it might happen one of these days before I retire.

Do you hate anyone?
Susan - I hate bad drivers. Does that count?
Rebecca - I say it counts.
Garrett - I don't really hate anyone, but I severly dislike my parents.
Rachel - Nope. That could change, though, if someone hurts me bad enough.
Rebecca - The man who set the fire that killed my husband. Maybe one day I'll forgive him, but I'm not sure.
Christina - Nope.

Have any secrets?
Susan - Not really. I'm a pretty open book.
Garrett - Same here.
Rachel - Just secret recipes that I share with no one.
Susan - Wait, I have those too.
Rebecca - Yes, and it's a big one.
Rachel - Do we get a clue?
Rebecca - No, sorry.
Christina - No. I can't keep any secrets about myself. I suck that way.

Do you love anyone? (The characters, for this one, were put into separate rooms with the assurance that none of the other participants would hear the results.)
Susan - I love my family, and I love Don, and I love my friends. And though Don hates hearing it, I still love John. I'm just not in love with him, and thankfully Don knows the difference. He just hates being reminded he wasn't the first guy I fell in love with.
Garrett - I love my grandfather, even though he's no longer alive, and I love Kaile and her mother, and my friends.
Rachel - I love my family and Marty and Robert and I guess I love Anderson in a completely brother/sister way. And I guess the rest of my friends, too.
Rebecca - Okay, I know it's not love, not exactly, but...I really like Mac Taylor in a way that is not at all appropriate for work. If he wasn't my boss I'd ask him out on a date. Do you know how hard it is to not suggest going out for a drink after a tough case? Mac plus me plus alcohol would be a bad idea. I would probably confess that I really really like him. Other than that? I still love my husband, and I love the rest of my family and my friends.
Christina - I love my family and friends. I just love my kids more than my husband. Which I guess means I have a secret, doesn't it?

What is your job?
Susan - I'm an actress, and also a graphics designer.
Garrett - I produce plays.
Rachel - I'm a Homicide detective.
Rebecca - I'm a CSI.
Christina - I'm a CSI and a Homicide detective.

What do you do to relax?
Susan - I like bubble baths.
Garrett - I watch movies. Especially big budget action flicks. The more explosions, the better. And I write plays. I've produced one, and it got favorable reviews.
Rachel - I cook. Usually I try and make new stuff, but if I'm really stressed I stick to the basics.
Rebecca - I meditate and do yoga. And I knit.
Christina - I DJ. But if that's not an option I read. I like romance novels with a suspence twist to them. If there's a murder, I'm happy.
Rachel - Wait. You're a Homicide detective. Why do you want to read about murders?
Christina - Because the killer always gets caught, and the hero and heroine get together. Every book has a happy ending, and that doesn't always happen in real life, so it's a nice escape.
Rachel - Okay, that makes sense now.

Are you happy?
Susan - Yeah, I'm ecstatic these days. Though it's going to be hard when my current play starts because my time with Don is going to be cut short.
Garrett - Yes. I'm probably the happiest I've ever been. But ask me again after my son's been born and I will probably be over the moon.
Rachel - Oh, yeah. I'm pretty happy right now.
Rebecca - I could be happier, but generally I'm pretty content.
Christina - I'm pleased with my life right now. I think everything is going great.

What's the thing you look forward to most in the next month?
Susan - My first Broadway play! I'm super nervous about it, but I'm also really excited.
Garrett - Susan's play. It looks good, what I've seen of it. I can't wait for opening night.
Rachel - Taking my first family vacation. We're going to Walt Disney World in Orlando for a week. And then right after that Robert starts kindergarten.
Rebecca - I'm also taking vacation time. I'm going back home to visit my parents.
Christina - Danny's mom is taking the twins for a long weekend so Danny and I can get a break. Seriously, I'm counting down the days. Six more!

What are you most scared of?
Susan - Losing Don. I mean, it's a risk I deal with every day because his job is dangerous, but there's times I wake up in the middle of the night when he's called out to work just worried that he's not going to come home.
Garrett - Losing the baby. I'm not worried about it too much, because Kaile's healthy and so far everything's exactly as it should be, but until Walter's born I'm going to worry.
Rachel - That something will happen to Marty on the job. I mean, being a coroner, he doesn't have as many job risks as I do, but any time he goes out to pick up a body I worry he'll get shot or something. And I worry about something happening to Robert, too. I don't know what I'd do if I lost either of them.
Rebecca - Dying a horrible death. I want to go peacefully in my sleep.
Christina - Yeah, I'm with Rebecca on this one. Also, that something will happen to Danny or the kids. The thought of losing any of them keeps me up at night sometimes.

What time do you normally wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night?
Susan - I'm usually up at seven AM, but when I go to sleep depends on if I have a play or not. If I'm between plays or still in the rehearsal stage, I usually am asleep by eleven. If I'm acting performing, it could be anywhere from midnight to two in the morning.
Garrett - I get up at eight in the morning unless I need to be up earleir, and I'm usually in bed by ten or eleven.
Rachel - I get up at six AM to get myself ready, and then get Robert ready for daycare. When I go to bed depends on what shift I work. If it's a day shift I'm usually out by ten. If I work a night shift my schedule's mixed up: I go to bed around five AM and get up around one or two in the afternoon.
Rebecca - My schedule's pretty similar to Rachel's, other than I get up at seven thirty most mornings I'm on days.
Christina - Yeah, my schedule is more like Rachel's, since I get up at six AM as well.

What music do you listen to most?
Susan - I'm a huge Linkin Park fan. Huge. And I like Marilyn Manson too. And KoЯn. Music like that.
Garrett - I prefer 90s alternative, jazz and the occasional hard rock song.
Rachel - If I listen to music, which isn't very often, it's random stuff that Marty likes, and he likes everything.
Rebecca - I love jazz and soft rock.
Christina - Electronica and rock. I am also a huge Linkin Park fan, and Fort Minor as well. And it's all Susan's fault.

What are your plans for tomorrow?
Susan - Rehearsal. We're almost at the dress rehearsal stage...I think we start on Wednesday.
Garrett - I'm dropping by Susan's play, then going to the gym for a little bit, and then work from home.
Rachel - Work. I have a day shift this week. Next week I go to nights.
Rebecca - Work. Though I'm not feeling well, so I may call in. We'll see.
Christina - Work. I really want to get a chance to solve the case Rachel and I are working on. It's bugging me.
Rachel - Yeah, it's bugging me too.
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