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Fall Down Go Boom

Title: Fall Down Go Boom
Author: Ragna (afteriwake)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: If it's a character recognizeable from CSI: Miami or CSI: NY, they are belonging to Jerry Bruckheimer, Anthony Zuicker, et. al. Rachel and Robert belogn to me; Anderson, Lizzie and Hannah belong to iluvroadrunner6.
Author's Notes: I wanted to write something for this AU before I bombard you with my csi_bigbang fic starting on Monday, and I asked iluvroadrunner6 what she wanted to see, and she wanted kid!fic with Robert and Lizzie. And you all know I can't resist Rachel and Anderson banter...


"I don't know if this is a good idea," Rachel said quietly to Anderson as they watched their kids wobble around on ice skates at Rockefeller Center. "I mean, what if one of them falls and breaks an arm? Or a leg?"

"Relax, SVU," he said with a grin, leaning back into the bench they were sitting on. "Lizzie wanted to do this all week, ever since Hannah brought it up. And it's not like they're little kids. I mean, Lizzie's seven, Hannah's seven, and come on. Robert's eight."

"Yeah, but...Andrew broke his wrist doing this, and Jacob sprained an ankle. After that, Mom kept us far away until Dad got the triplets skateboards and they proved they had good balance."

"What about you?" he asked.

"You mean, me and skating?" She shook her head. "Never done it. After Andrew broke his wrist Mom decided none of us were stepping foot in a rink again. I've only come down here to watch."

Anderson got a glint in his eye. "Come on."

"Oh, hell no," she protested, even as anderson got up and started pulling her off the bench. "No! No way in hell!"

"Get over it," he said. "Look, I've never been good at it. I'll probably be falling on my ass too."

That got her to pause. "And you're still willing to embarass yourself?"

"If it gets me the pleasure of watching you fall down multiple times, I'll risk it," he said with a smirk, tugging her to the skate rental area.

"You are an evil bastard, Vice."

"Yeah, so you keep telling me."


"Hey, Dad's getting skates," Lizzie said, stopping in her tracks. Hannah almost collided into her, and they paused while Robert caught up. "So's your mom, Robert."

"She's what?" Robert asked, surprised.

"Yeah. Looks like Mr. Anderson's making her," Hannah said with a smirk. "See? She's sulking."

Robert pushed past them and skated a little closer, aware that Hanna and Lizzie were right behind him. "Yeah, she is," Robert said after a moment.

"Dad's got no balance, or at least that's what Mom says," Lizzie said. "He can fall over a crack in the sidewalk."

"Well, my mom's got good balance," Robert said, albeit a little dubiously.

"This is going to be fun to watch," Hannah said, rubbing her hands together to warm them up a little. "Hey, you guys want some hot chocolate?"

"That sounds good," Robert said with a nod.

"Yeah, we've been doing this for about an hour," Lizzie said. "It'll be nice to sit down."


"If I break a bone, Anderson, you're paying to get it fixed," Rachel said as she took a tentative step out onto the ice.

Anderson smirked. "I'll probably break a bone first."

"Then why are we doing this?" she asked, stepping off the ice. "We could be sitting on the bench and talking and drinking something warm. Instead, you want to send me across a sheet of ice. Are you insane?"

Anderson took her hands off the railing that she was grasping. "Rachel. It will not be that bad."

"Says you."

"Scout's honor."

She glared. "I so doubt you were a Boy Scout."

"Okay, yeah, I wasn't. But if you give it a chance..." He motioned. "One lap around the entire rink and then you can sit down again."

"One?" she asked dubiously.

"One," he said with a nod before stepping out onto the ice. "See? I'm already out here."

She eyed him warily, and then took one step onto the ice, and then another. Then she made a tiny push away from the wall unsteadily. "One lap, that's it."


"Think they'll make it around the rink without falling down?" Hannah asked before taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

"Rachel, maybe, but not Dad," Lizzie said. "Remember? He has no balance?"

"Do you think one of them might get hurt?" Robert asked worriedly.

Lizzie shook her head and put a hand on his shoulder. "They're adults. They're going to be okay."

"Okay," he said, taking a drink from his cup. "Oh, wait!"

The three kids watched as Rachel fell forward, landing on her knees and hands. As they watched, Rachel turned to Anderson and looked very very angry. Anderson looked concerned and moved closer to her before he too fell on the ice.

"Oh, this is embarassing," Lizzie muttered before rolling her eyes. "They didn't even make it around a quarter of the rink."

"Hey, I think my mom''s hurt," Robert said, setting down his cup and moving back towards the ice.

"Oh, no," Lizzie said as she and Hananh followed.

As Robert got closer, he could clearly hear Rachel. "--and this is all your fault. I can't move my writst right now, you...you..." Rachel reached up and used her left hand to brush her hair out of her face. "You idiot."

Anderson looked behind her and cleared his throut. "Rach, behind you."

She turned and looked at Robert, and then saw Hannah and Lizzie behind him. "Hey, kiddo."

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"No, I don't think so," she said, glaring at Anderson. "I think I either sprained or broke my wrist." Anderson winced at the look. "Can you help me off the ice?"

"Sure, Mom," he said with a nod as Lizzie and Hannah caught up to them. "We can all help."

"Yeah," Lizzie said. "Maybe Dad can help you stand up, though. I don't think we can do that on our own."

Anderson nodded. "I can do that." He awkwardly got up on his own two feet and offered Rachel his hand. She took his hand and let Robert, Lizzie and Hannah help her up. When they were all standing, the kids crowded around them, offering up their shoulders to help keep them stable. Robert had his arm around Rachel's waist as he helped guide her to the exit.

Once they got off the ice, Rachel sighed and turned to Anderson. "Next time we come here, my butt is not leaving the bench except to get something to drink, eat or to pee. Understand?"

He nodded. "Understood. Come on, let's get the skates off you and get you to the hospital. If we're lucky, Hil's working in the ER."

"Robert, sweetie, can you call your dad?" Rachel replied. "Let him know I got hurt. My cell phone is in my coat pocket."

He reached in and took it out as Hannah and Lizzie began helping Rachel out of her skates. He dialed their home number and waited for an answer. "Uh, hey, Dad? We have a problem..."
Tags: * friendship - rachel & anderson, * friendship - robert & lizzie, general - fulfilled requests

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